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CCMprep Version 6.0 is an interactive software program consisting of a database of questions, answers, and explanations that together comprise a system for exam preparation. The database has over 1100 questions in 5 main topic areas. The 5 main topics are as follows:

  • Care Delivery and Reimbursement Methods
  • Psychosocial Concepts and Support Systems
  • Quality and Outcomes Evaluation and Measurements
  • Rehabilitation Concepts and Strategies
  • Ethical, Legal and Practice Standards

The software is designed to prepare the user for the Certified Case Manager Exam (CCM Exam) offered by the Commission for Case Manager Certification.

CCMprep V6.0 was authored by a team of certified case managers and registered nurses.

Lead Author:  Sandra L. Lowery, RN, BSN, CCM, CNLCP

Sandi is Owner and President of CCMI Associates.  Since 1986, Sandi has provided case management consulting services to over 250 organizations and trains over 500 case managers annually.  She is a past president of the Case Management Society of America (2000-01) and founder and past president of the Case Management Society of New England.

Sandi was an adjunct faculty member for case management and health care for the University Systems of New Hampshire and was a clinical preceptor for case management at the University of Massachusetts in 1996.  She is an advisory board member for Professional Case Management and The Case Management Advisor.  She was also recognized as the “Case Manager of the Year” in 1995 by the Case Management Society of America and as the “Case Manager of the Year” in 2006 by the Case Management Society of New England.  In 2002, Sandi was a member of the National Task Force on Case Management for Standards of Practice.

Sandi has a BSN from the State University of New York.

Contributing Authors:

  • Karen Gagnon, BA, RN, CCM
  • Denise Rounds, RN, BC, CCM, RMN, AT
  • Margaret St.Coeur, RN, BS, CDMS, CCM
  • Judith Strate, RN, BSN, CCM
  • Claire Thureson, RN, CCM

Why our training works...

We Provide Questions, Answers and Complete Explanations

  • Complete and detailed explanations are provided for each question so you know exactly why something is correct or incorrect.
  • Select questions containing key words or search all subjects for a specific topic/question.
  • Mark questions for special review at a later time.

Learn in Your Spare Time, At Your Own Speed

  • Take practice exams anytime, anywhere...at work, at home or on the road. The more you practice, the better chance you'll have to pass your exam!

Measure and Monitor your Progress

  • Simulate taking the actual exam. Get in the habit of answering multiple choice questions quickly and effectively.
  • Identify your strong and weak subject areas so you can concentrate on improving your score.
  • Test yourself in sequential and random order to make sure you know the subject

Certified Case Manager Testimonials

B. Anderson:  May 2018

"I used the DataChem software and passed the test on 4/30/18.  Absolutely loved your program.  I attribute my success to your program."

KG: April 2018

"Thank you so much - I passed the CCM exam!!! DataChem definitely helped me for sure!"

Priscilla: April 2018

"I took the National Case Management exam and I passed!!! with much help from the DataChem online test questions.  That is the second time I have used DataChem.. in 2005 I got the CRRN CD and I passed that as well.
Thank you so much.  I always recommend DataChem!!"

Joni: April 2018

"Just took my CCM test on 4/21/18 and passed! Your questions with the rationale answers not only helped but it allowed me to re-read each question and critically figure out what it was asking and then narrow out the best answers to that question and then by reviewing the rationale answer, I was able to see what I needed to improve on. Several questions or very close to its content were on my exam and helped me to feel much more comfortable. My only regret is that I started your software three weeks ago and not sooner (I kept putting it off). I have to tell you that I crammed as much info as I could in those three weeks and it worked! Thank you so much!! Best money I could have spent! It's not only knowing the correct answers to the question but truly understanding what is being asked and then narrow down to the best possible answer, this software helped!"

Wanda: August 2017

"I just passed my CCM. Thanks!!