For over thirty years, thousands of professionals have relied on Datachem Software programs to help them pass their certification exam.   Most professionals lead very busy lives, juggling work responsibilities with their professional development, plus family and personal time. Datachem self-study programs allow users to fit their professional development studies into their schedule, rather than adjust their lifestyle and schedules to fit study requirements. 

Our mission is to help professionals pass their certification exams.   In addition to the programs, our team is available to answer questions and troubleshoot problems. We also encourage your feedback so we can improve our products and help others with their purchase decision.



  • Practice Exam.  Check your knowledge in each outline area, and practice answering questions under test situations, with a time limit.
    • Use Practice Exam as a pre-assessment to identify areas to focus your study.
  • Study Session.  Study using the interactive question and answer format; detailed answers build understanding of concepts rather than reliance on memorization.


  • Authored by respected professionals in their field 
  • Updated when the certification exam changes, and modified based on feedback from users
  • Based on outlines and reference resources published by the certifying organization 
  • Hundreds of questions available (in some cases over a thousand) ensuring that you will not answer the same question over and over
  • Interactive question and answer format characteristic of the exam, with detailed answers to help understand concepts 
  • Designed to promote understanding of key concepts and knowledge areas, not to encourage memorization



  • Select which/how many sections of the program outline to study or test at a time
  • Select random question assortment, or work through the questions sequentially
  • Mark questions you want to return to later
  • Choose number of questions and time limit for Practice Exams
  • Track progress on Practice Exams; all results are recorded in Score History


Study at your own pace

  • Plan your studies.  Program licenses are available with 60 – 365 day terms.   Purchase the length that works best for you
  • Study where and when it’s convenient for you.  Online version can be used with any computer, tablet or smartphone with a browser and Internet connection.

Measure and monitor your progress

  • Use the Practice Exam module to create a baseline in each discipline area.  You choose the number of questions and the test time limit
  • Monitor progress by taking additional practice tests.  Randomized question selection ensures that each test is different

Focus your time and efforts

  • Identify areas of strength and weakness; focus your studies where you need to
  • Print feature allows questions to be printed for additional study option

Save time and Money

  • Money back or additional study time at no charge if you fail your exam
  • Avoid the time and expense of taking courses to study for your certification