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Human Physiology - Individual License HumPhysPrep V1.0
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Human Physiology - Individual License

The HumPhys program has over 1000 interactive questions with detailed explanations in 7 topics and 144 subtopics.  The program is designed for medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing and allied health students, interns and residents who wish to organize and test their understanding of human physiology while preparing for their national board exams.  Read More...

An Individual License authorizes only one individual to use the program. The authorized user may install the program on more than one device, however, the CD must be in the CD drive in order for the program to run.

At this time the HumPhys program is only available on a CD.  It will work on devices with a CD drive capable of running Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 and 20 MB of disk space.  The online, downloadable and CD version of the HumPhys program is scheduled for release this winter.

Note:  The number of users listed below is the number of CD’s you want to purchase.  The 1000 days indicates that the CD will not time out.

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