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ASPprep V6.0 now aligns with the updated ASP exam blueprint which is effective 7/1/15

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DataChem Software has an Occupational Safety Desk Reference

"Safety in Numbers"

Formulas, Examples and References for Occupational Safety Professionals
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Nearly 2200 Questions, Answers and Explanations Over 1650 Questions, Answers and Explanations
  • Collecting SH&E & Security Risk Info. (4 Subsections)
  • Assessing SH&E & Security Risk Info. (3 Subsections)
  • Managing SH&E & Security Risk Info. (4 Subsections)
  • Mathematics (9 Subsections)
  • Safety Management Systems (6 Subsections)
  • Ergonomics (3 Subsections)
  • Fire Prevention and Protection (3 Subsections)
  • Occupational Health (3 Subsections)
  • Environmental Management (4 Subsections)
  • Training, Education and Communication (2 Subsections)
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  • Site License -- $1099
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  • Individual License -- $299
  • Site License -- $999
  • Corporate, Regional, Educational or any other special licensing needs -- Request a Quote, or
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Individual License - Authorizes only one individual to use the program. The authorized user may install the program on more than one computer, however, the CD must be in the CD drive in order for the program to run.

Site License - A site license allows the authorized company/organization to distribute the program to their employees by duplicating the CD or by allowing employees to download the program via the company/organization's intranet. A site is defined as a distinct U.S. Postal Service address.

Corporate License - A corporate license agreement allows unlimited installations of the program throughout the entire company/organization.

Other Licensing Options - In most cases, we are willing to work with you to develop licensing parameters that meet your needs.

The professional certification exams for your Associate Safety Professional and Certified Safety Professional designations offered by the Board of Safety Professionals,  BCSP , are very challenging. Fortunately, our software gives you the extra help you need to attain your certification. Our exam preparation programs have helped thousands pass their difficult exams and achieve their certification.

We are the market leader in computer-based exam certification preparation software. Our programs provide interactive training that quickly and easily helps you study and prepare for your certification exam. All of our study tools are very easy to use and are available for most versions of Windows.

Why our training works...

We Provide Questions, Answers and Complete Explanations

  • Complete and detailed explanations are provided for each question so you know exactly why something is correct or incorrect.
  • Select questions containing key words or search ALL subjects for a specific topic/question.
  • Mark questions for special review at a later time.

You Can Learn in Your Spare Time, At Your Own Speed

  • Take practice exams anytime, anywhere...at work, at home or on your laptop. The more you practice, the better chance you'll have to pass your exam!
  • Program automatically counts down to exam date.

You Will Measure and Monitor your Progress

  • Simulate taking the actual exam. Get in the habit of answering multiple choice questions quickly and effectively.
  • Identify your strong and weak subject areas so you can concentrate on improving your score.
  • Test yourself in sequential and random order to make sure you know the subject area inside and out.
  • Save missed questions for review to help you get them right for the real exam!


Computer with a CD drive and capable of running Windows
Operating System:
Windows VISTA, 7, 8 and 8.1

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